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The Aftermath

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[Follow-up to Finally a reason to smile.]


What happens when you take a three year old from his mother for a week, deny him the pictures of his mother that she sent with him on the trip and deny phone calls to his mother when he is missing her? Trauma, of course.

It wasn’t immediately noticeable what changes occured to my son because of this trip. He did seem to follow me around the house a bit more closely when I was cleaning or whatnot, but that was to be expected. It wasn’t until about five days after he returned, and his first day back at the church he and I go to, that the change was obvious.


Lies and slander!!!!

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What heresy is this?!

What heresy is this?!

An oldie but a goodie

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Just take the ticket.

This post is from 2005 and is freaking hilarious.

I’m in a decent relationship right now. It’s been two months and there have been no really big arguments. She scratches my head nonstop, gives me awesome massages, and even brings me food when I’m too worn out from work to go anywhere.

Since moving out on my own, she gave me even better advice on how to do my laundry than my grandmother did.


“Okay Justin, here’s what grandma does..”

She then bends over to separate the clothes, accidentally farts but doesn’t notice it.

“First, you do what my school did when I was a little one. You separate the whites from the colored.”

Thanks racist grandma.